Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Greetings and welcome to this, the latest of my blogging projects. You may already be familiar with my personal blog, "My Whine in Silence", or my music review blog "Bacchus, Bragi & Thor". This blog will provide an outlet exclusive to my sceptical musings, which I feel to be quite an important part of my newfound inclination toward this world-view. That said, due to various commitments I find myself with, posts are likely to be relatively sporadic: at present I'm aiming for once a week, but this may well be rather ambitious. We shall see.

I've been planning to create this blog for some time now, and was prompted to do so by the appearance of a YouTube video to which I just felt compelled to reply. At the moment, I'm snowed under with essays to write for my Master's degree, but hopefully I'll either be able to fit this in around that, or will find the time once they're out of the way.

As far as expectation of content is concerned, I imagine a lot of my posts will be links to other sceptical blogs with my two cents thrown in on whatever issue they're discussing. My own areas of expertise (if it can be called that) are in philosophy and politics, so the posts written "off my own back", as it were, are likely to fall under these subject headings. The first is certainly planned to.

So, welcome to A Sceptical I. Hopefully this is the first post of many.

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