Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dear YouTube...

Please stop censoring freedom of expression.

Either: reinstate fsmdude's account and his videos which offend only those who have some wacky beliefs in regard to a biscuit...

Or: define yourselves officially as a Catholic website for only Catholic-friendly videos, and I can begin looking for alternative video-hosting websites to frequent.

Thank you.

[Via here and here. (PZ, naturally)]

UPDATE: fsmdude is now back online. Thank you, YouTube. Now don't do it again.

On a personal note, the dissertation is handed in and the Masters degree is officially over and done with. Posting to this blog should slowly start getting back to normal now. Thanks for your patience.


Tobias said...

Yes, I can see how silly and out-of-proportion the Catholic reaction is being here, and is also a good example of just why Catholism is in no way better than Islam for its share of zealots and fundamentalists.

But I wonder, if the scientists and academics are supposed to be the ones touting common sense, reason and logic, then isn't this a fairly purile thing to be doing? The videos don't actually serve any entertainment purposes - the duck one is rather sweet, but the others are pretty dull and repetitive; so if the only purpose is to spite a body that these people do not agree with, then that seems to me to contrast the ethos that they are trying to present.

This is not to say, however, that it's ridiculous for Catholics to get upset about it and YouTube to pull it. Just that it seems as equally ridiculous/moronic for people to do it in the first place.

Darkwinter said...

Oh indeed, where I'm coming from here is that you don't have to support the actions in these videos - which I generally don't for much the same reasons you gave (bit bored of the whole Eucharist thing TBH) - to support the authors' right to create and disseminate them.

I don't know who fsmdude is, or what his agenda might be - or even if he has one. But I don't need to know these things to support his right to freedom of expression.