Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Dog bites man

The sexual-liberal community is apparently up in arms about the Pope's latest comments on gender theory. I, however, welcome this news because it contributes further to the exposition of the Pope as a right-wing, conservative religious crazy person. Yes, his remarks are offensive and ignorant; but they should not be surprising.

It is quite telling that the majority of negative comments in the article come from Christian sources. It is my fond hope that this trend continues, and the religious right does more to marginalise itself in the eyes of society. I look forward to the day when "Pope spews yet more hateful ignorant pigshit" is not news.

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devine_artemis said...

hear hear!

The Catholic Church has been spewing this "hateful, ignorant pigshit" for centuries. Why are we still surprised? More to the point, why are we still offended by its views?

Move on. Leave them to spout their antiquated ideals to those stupid enough to listen. Let's go out and have some gay fun!