Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Two apologies, and a follow-up

The first apology is for the past month - not only has it been a hectic and internetless move to the new flat, but calamity and illness have also meant that I've been far from being in the right frame of mind to write here. The second apology is for the future, because I don't know how often I'm going to be able to post over the next month or two. The internet connection is hardly forthcoming, and the precious hours I'm able to squeeze out of the wi-fi access at the pub are being consumed simply by trying to stay up-to-date and in contact with my friends. So, I apologise.

You might be interested to know that there have been a great many reasons to believe that the rune casting I made a month ago has proven to be true - certainly the move was made, and I even went down to Southampton for a very brief visit to bring more of my belongings up to the flat. This would definitely justify the presence of the "Raido" journeying rune. The "Algiz" sanctuary rune is similarly easy to explain through the new flat, as it is definitely starting to feel like a home and safe haven. The reversed "Dagaz" night rune, which apparently can serve as a warning of plans going awry, can also be seen to have come true. Let's just say the move has not been without problems.

So a clean sweep with my first cast. Not bad going. It's definitely illustrating for me how people can easily believe in the power of these things, particularly when the interpretation is so vague and malleable.

I hope I'll be able to post a little more often now that things are starting to straighten out at home. I'll definitely be back when the internet manages to make its glittering and wondrous way into our abode. Perhaps the next entry will be another rune casting. Whenever and whatever that next post is, I'll see you then.


Never Knowingly James said...

The belief in Rune Castings could lead to a placebo effect that just sets in motion a mindset that has your mind interpreting and reacting to events in a way that could lead to the appearance of the rune castings desired results coming to pass or in fact them actually coming to pass. Not to say that the casting of the runes itself was not beneficial but that it's necessary to at least be open to the possibility that they could have an effect and a little hope of it so that your mind can react in ways that will eventually lead to the outcomes you desired. For example a rune casting would not work for me for i have no belief in the power of the runes i instead believe in the power of myself to make things happen how i want them to happen.If that makes any sense.

Darkwinter said...

It does indeed make sense, and is very similar to my own point of view on the matter. Not only can rune castings be interpreted in a vague way, increasing the possibility of "coming true", but they can also become self-fulfilling prophecies if the belief of the caster is strong.

The fact that this first cast has seemed to be so accurate I put down in the main the coincidence rather than a desire on my part to interpret it as such. What it really highlighted for me was how easily someone could fall into such a strong belief in the runes' power.